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Limited Edition Dark Wood Chest Crafted from repurposed waterbarrel wood. This wood obtains its unique color and character from a half century holding water in a dark environment. The water pushed the wood's natural tannins through to the surface, and metal staves left their mark on the outside of the barrel. Approximately 32"x21 and 21" in height, this chest is perfect for holding anything from garden tools to family heirlooms. $600

Light Chest Crafted from repurposed redwood (rot and termite resistant), this deep chest with its hinged lid is the perfect complement to your patio, outdoor deck or any room in the house. 32x21 1/2 and 21 inches high, this chest will last many years. $450

Winebarrel Table This pedestal table is made with French oak that has been naturally stained by its contents--a blood red Bordeaux. No painting, no varnish. The top of the table is framed in black oak, and the entire piece is on rolling casters. $1200